First prefab adventure contract now available!

Hey there everyone! I’m glad to announce the first followup product to the HC SVNT DRACONES role playing game! This starter adventure was promised in the Kickstarter stretchgoals, and is now available live on drivethrurpg.

“The aging space station Stars over Landria has inexplicably begun to fall toward Mars. Its crew has stopped reporting, its equipment has stopped functioning, and its computer has gone silent. The research taking place on the S.O.L. represents a considerable investment of both time and resources, and in about 8 hours it’s all going to go up in smoke with no clue as to why. Someone needs to get in there, collect the software, protect the project, and put together some answers before the entire endeavor is wasted.

Oh, and rescue the crew, if there are any left.”

Stars over Landria is a corp-neutral contract for 3-4 introductory characters, ideal for one 3 hour time slot with new HC SVNT DRACONES players. It’s great for first tires, cons, events and diversions alike. Included in this contract are a coherent narrative, maps of the environment, new items and rewards for player completion. All you need to play is this contract and the HSD rulebook, so if you were looking for a place to begin your post-human adventure, this is it!