A first look at Core Extended: Cogs

“Cogs emerged from the ASR (then a mere MarsCo subsidiary) labs only 70 years after the fall of Earth. Enough time for several new generations of Vector to have been born, but still within the haze of post-humanity. Earth was a smoldering wreck, the human population of Mars was dwindling, and all the new lessons of what was now becoming the era of the Vector were pointing toward acceptance and cooperation as a necessary part of life. There weren’t many other alternatives, frankly.  So when the Core Consciousness, the critical component of Cog sapience, was demonstrated and explained, they didn’t look at it with a thousand years of human contempt for machines, or with the self-assured security of mastery over their land and pride in their cities which they had built

on ancient tradition and principle. They looked with eyes of a race barely three generations old who were still trying to figure out the sheer extent of what had to be done to keep themselves afloat, and who rather desperately needed an ally. A race of beings who were themselves engineered, and could damn near alphabetize their own genome. And mostly, a race that felt very small and alone, with nothing but files in computers to cling to for some grounding and explanation in the grand scheme of their design.
Frankly, most of Vector kind was happy to make a new friend.
There were stumbling blocks, and for the decade or so new rules for interaction and social behavior would be tried, tested, reviewed and rewritten, but in time the race of Cogs worked its way into the core of post-human Sol. What emerged after their adjustment period was still mechanical, but behaved in a way that was almost more “living” than Vectors themselves.”

Cogs are mentioned repeatedly in the HSD Core rulebook, but the rules for playing them won’t be available until Core Extended releases later this year. But we can chat a little bit about what they mean for your game. Cogs have a variety of new body shapes and forms that will open new opportunities for mobility and exploration to your party, as well as differing outlooks on the world that can add interesting personalities to your world. They function much like Vectors do, but possess many options exclusive to themselves. Visually, they have a massive selection of looks to choose from, and deciding how your Cog looks and feels can make for great glimpses into their history.