Forum deactivated for now

My absence from the forums of late has been due to a sheer lack of time. Those of you who have been keeping track of HSD in other locations like twitter, tumblr or discord know I’ve been pretty swamped of late, but beyond that, the time it takes to work on new products for the franchise and juggle other responsibilities just doesn’t leave enough for me to effectively moderate the forums. I had hoped that the login captcha would be enough to keep the place chugging along, but unfortunately it looks like the forums need fairly constant attention to avoid botting and disruption, and I just plain lack the time required. So for the immediate future, I’m suspending the official forums. I would like to reinstate them, but it’s clear now that I can’t do that until I can assign people I trust to keep an eye on it. My apologies to those of you who enjoyed discussions on it. I instead invite you to join the discord channel, which is easier for me to keep track of and prevent spamming of unrelated material.