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Been a while y’all! I’ve had my head buried trying to get everything done for an on-time release. Only one piece of art remains for the C:E book, and then we can move on to print proofing! In other news, a novel contract has been signed, so that’s underway, and a new product for the franchise is currently under development! It’s a card game for 4-6 players, and Ill give you more info on that as it goes forward.

Echoes now available!

And we’re up and running! The second HC SVNT DRACONES contract is now available on DrivethruRPG! There was a bit of a delay on this one because of a miss-print that happened in the proof (some pages ended up out of order), but I’ve been assured it’s been corrected. If any of you should end up with a printed copy with pages out of order, please let me know. Again, I’ve been assured it’s been fixed, there should be no risk of it happening again, it’s just my rampant paranoia talking now. Core book Kickstarter backers, check your emails before purchasing!

A first look at Core Extended: Cogs

“Cogs emerged from the ASR (then a mere MarsCo subsidiary) labs only 70 years after the fall of Earth. Enough time for several new generations of Vector to have been born, but still within the haze of post-humanity. Earth was a smoldering wreck, the human population of Mars was dwindling, and all the new lessons of what was now becoming the era of the Vector were pointing toward acceptance and cooperation as a necessary part of life. There weren’t many other alternatives, frankly.  So when the Core Consciousness, the critical component of Cog sapience, was demonstrated and explained, they didn’t look at it with a thousand years of human contempt for machines, or with the self-assured security of mastery over their land and pride in their cities which they had built

on ancient tradition and principle. They looked with eyes of a race barely three generations old who were still trying to figure out the sheer extent of what had to be done to keep themselves afloat, and who rather desperately needed an ally. A race of beings who were themselves engineered, and could damn near alphabetize their own genome. And mostly, a race that felt very small and alone, with nothing but files in computers to cling to for some grounding and explanation in the grand scheme of their design.
Frankly, most of Vector kind was happy to make a new friend.
There were stumbling blocks, and for the decade or so new rules for interaction and social behavior would be tried, tested, reviewed and rewritten, but in time the race of Cogs worked its way into the core of post-human Sol. What emerged after their adjustment period was still mechanical, but behaved in a way that was almost more “living” than Vectors themselves.”

Cogs are mentioned repeatedly in the HSD Core rulebook, but the rules for playing them won’t be available until Core Extended releases later this year. But we can chat a little bit about what they mean for your game. Cogs have a variety of new body shapes and forms that will open new opportunities for mobility and exploration to your party, as well as differing outlooks on the world that can add interesting personalities to your world. They function much like Vectors do, but possess many options exclusive to themselves. Visually, they have a massive selection of looks to choose from, and deciding how your Cog looks and feels can make for great glimpses into their history.

First prefab adventure contract now available!

Hey there everyone! I’m glad to announce the first followup product to the HC SVNT DRACONES role playing game! This starter adventure was promised in the Kickstarter stretchgoals, and is now available live on drivethrurpg.

“The aging space station Stars over Landria has inexplicably begun to fall toward Mars. Its crew has stopped reporting, its equipment has stopped functioning, and its computer has gone silent. The research taking place on the S.O.L. represents a considerable investment of both time and resources, and in about 8 hours it’s all going to go up in smoke with no clue as to why. Someone needs to get in there, collect the software, protect the project, and put together some answers before the entire endeavor is wasted.

Oh, and rescue the crew, if there are any left.”

Stars over Landria is a corp-neutral contract for 3-4 introductory characters, ideal for one 3 hour time slot with new HC SVNT DRACONES players. It’s great for first tires, cons, events and diversions alike. Included in this contract are a coherent narrative, maps of the environment, new items and rewards for player completion. All you need to play is this contract and the HSD rulebook, so if you were looking for a place to begin your post-human adventure, this is it!

Cogs confirmed in the next book!

Heya folks! Thought I’d let you in on the news, Cogs will be available as a playable race in the next book, along with over 20 new Vector options!

Writing is moving along smoothly, with the Vector options already finished and dozens of other new expansions on existing mechanics also completed. Cogs are wrapping up soon, and feature their own character generation process, specific bodies and abilities, and new tricks for your party to bring to the table. Coming with them is lore and description to help integrate them into your games and fill in the blanks that just couldn’t fit in the core rulebook. No pictures for them yet (gotta keep ya waiting for something) But the new Vector artwork is looking wonderful, and features many of the favorite artists from the Core book bringing new races and morphisms to life in vivid detail. More news later!

HornAnomoly_SuitFemCap’n is in no mood for any of your shenanigans.

The new item expansions

Thought I’d let you all in on a sneak peak of what’s coming next! This is a snapshot of the first of the new item supplements that will be hitting DriveThruRPG in the near future. By “near,” read “once I’ve gotten proofs back from them”, probably about a month. Each supplement will feature a fantastic contextual image, a trio of new items, and complete rules for their use in-game! The pics themselves are 12×18 glossy posters delivered to your door (and a .pdf, for convenience), and once we get things going there should be a new one rolling out every month! All sorts of great new stuff on the horizon, I’ll be posting previews soon!

Next book previews!

Ready to give HSD a booster shot?  Things are starting to come together for the next book; artwork is flowing in, designs are solidifying, editing is beginning, and assuming the fund raising goes well, more than 20 new species with unique rules, abilities, reclamation surgeries, new focus abilities and motivations, will be coming your way in short order! Have a peek at the face of the Ursidae family, just one of several new additions to the game!