Hardcovers are GO

Hey folks, the long wait is over! These fresh, pretty new HSD hardcovers are now available at http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/141683/Hc-Svnt-Dracones

They’re rocking edition 1.1, which is the latest available and includes a few balance and creation changes and some syntax clarification, and they come in looking nice and sharp, right to your doorstep in sturdy cardboard. For everyone who really wanted a printed version of HC SVNT DRACONES, voila! Now available in paywhatyouwant .pdf AND hardcover printed form.  Spread the word, and show off your books when you get em!


Hello folks! Phew, it’s been a busy month.

Lets catch you all up on some stuff.



Have a little peek!


The app is well underway. It’ll take time to finish, between design and testing to make sure it’s not miss-generating characters, but I think you folks will enjoy it! At present it only includes playable families from the core book, but when the first expansion comes along we’re going to attempt to fund the inclusion of the substantial array of new races! Speaking of..


Based on reviews on the HSD forums ( http://hsdroleplayinggame.com/forums/ ) The most requested element for immediate inclusion was a boost in playable species and an overview of day-to-day life and environments in the setting. Writing and artwork has already begun, using the funding provided by this kickstater as a beginning! In order to make this a truly robust book though, and include the over 20 new playable options (and the oft-requested Cog), it’s going to need some help. Stay tuned, as I get further along in development I’ll let you know where the new kickstarter is!


DrivethruRPG is hosting the .pdf for HSD, and I encourage, nay, INSIST, perhaps even BEG, you to sign up and download it. This is where your most up-to-date version will be hosted, so you can always know you’re playing with the current copy. Because of your support, the .pdf is paywhatyouwant! It’s currently running version 1.1, which includes a few mechanical corrections that cropped up in the first month of wide-play including some adjustments to the weight rules, a few standards corrections, and a big tweek to Ledger to avoid it generating huge numbers once your stats get higher. If you havn’t downloaded it already, go forth!

As kickstarter supporters, you’re obviously not compelled to pay for your download, but I’ll remind you that as a paywhatyouwant product it is entirely donation driven, so your generosity will surely be appreciated. Pay or not though, please download so you can be sure you’re running off the
newest version, and so you can see product releases as they appear. New item supplements will be showing up on Drivethru in the near future, so you owe to yourself to keep it watched!


Lemme just toss that up there again, you know, for the sake of WILD FLAILING



The hardcover copies of the HSD manual are being provided by drivethru rpg at the link above. I’ve been working with them constantly since we went live almost two months ago, and the second Proof is currently on it’s way to my door. Alas, these things take time. Every mistake means communicating back and forth across time zones to folks who have their own schedules, through holidays and weekends, troubleshooting, correcting, resubmitting, etc. Any problem is a month-long problem when it comes to publishing, and there was a problem with the first proof. Hopefully everything has been corrected and the next one will come in as clean and pretty as the softcovers did! When that happens, you can order one on
The hardcovers will be using edition 1.1


Running the core book as a paywhatyouwant model has been a delight in terms of getting people into the game. It makes the download very approachable and gives everyone a chance to play. Unfortunately (shock), it’s far from profitable. I average less than a dollar per download, and that just isn’t enough to fund expansions without additional crowdfunding. But, as an experiment and a fun feature to the game, I’m going to introduce a new monthly feature that might help offset those costs while giving the players something fun to have!

Coming soon to the drivethru site will be full length printable posters featuring beautiful artwork from HSD’s artists showcasing new items for the game, as though being advertised by the megacorps themselves. These files will include new game rules for two items and one weapon each, as well as introduce new contextual and lore information in the form of art and narrative. They’ll be released once a month, be available as .pdf’s or poster prints, and cost you less than a coffee to own.


Reviews and support!

Hey folks! Excellent news, we’re currently sitting at #6 on DrivethruRPG’s Hottest titles list. It would be fantastic if we could push that even higher; being on that bar gets the game noticed and gets more players involved! The .pdf is pay-what-you-want, so even if you have your kickstarter .pdf, you could help the game without paying a dime out by snagging a copy from drivethru to boost its traffic. You’ll want an account with them eventually anyway: it’s where the additional game supplements will appear, and they’re a pretty neat service in general.

Course, you could pay if you WANT to, I mean, I’m not going to stop you or anything.

Another very helpful treat would be if you left reviews on the drivethru page! Reviews help people understand the game and the feel behind it, and show folks that it has players and followers. I hope that I’ve provided a solid product for everyone, and if that could be reflected on the sales page, it would help the game out a great deal.


Thank you all for your activity and interest! I hope you continue to enjoy your new system!

And public pdf is live!

folks, we are up and running at drive thru rpg. Grab your friends and anyone who wasn’t involved with the kickstarter and point them thisaway! http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/browse/pub/7700/Weapons-Grade-Funk

Kickstarter .pdfs are live!

Public .pdfs will follow soon! Feel free to talk freely in the forums, though you might consider tagging your posts with spoiler alerts if you feel it merited. Do avoid posting images of pages, though. Everyone will get access to the pay-what-you-want edition soon!

First print proof

Ahh, its a great feeling to see a project completed. Now that I’m holding the first proof print, we’re really down to the last laps. All the images are sharp, the layout looks lovely, the text is crisp and legible, its a very pretty book. But you don’t need to take my word for it, have a look! As expected, many of the images need brightening and color adjustment before the final run, so ill be tweaking those details here before sending it off for proof number to. Provided that comes back looking good (and I’m confident it will, given how sharp the first attempt looks already) I can released the .pdf to kickstarter supporters, start the final prints, and shortly after, release the public copy! We’re only a couple weeks away!


My God, it’s finally done!

Dotted the last i and crossed the last t, ladies and gents, the book is COMPLETED!  290 pages of original lore, rules, environments and illustrations for you all to enjoy, explore, and engage with. I’m super excited to bring this to you, and I hope you all love it.

What now?

Alas, I can’t just slap the download up tonight. Right now I’m communicating with my printers to get the test prints going so we can check colors, make sure things are sitting on the pages nicely, check for any additional problems, all that stuff. When I’m satisfied with the print version, that version will be finalized as the official .pdf, and will be distributed to kickstarter supporters a few days before being uploaded here. So we still have a bit of a wait, but the time to grab friends and sign them up is now, cause we’re in the home stretch!

Tis the season

For the consumption of flightless birbs. Seems like a good time for an update! The HSD rulebook is waiting for three more chapter edits from external reviewers who should be finished soon, and two more pictures. Once they’ve been integrated, the first test document can be sent off to the printers to establish any color adjustments or spacing or formatting quirks that need to take place for a nice clean production. From there we can print out all the kickstarter editions and put the .pdf live on the site!

Some evil part of me wants to wait till Christmas to distribute, but naaaaah. Maybe you can get some holiday games in!

Sleipnir living armor suit


“One of TTI’s biological nightmares, living armor brings a new set of variables to the battlefield. Its durability is augmented by its ability to heal its own wounds, and most living armors have abilities that mimic those of reclamation surgery, allowing one species to gain the benefits of another.  However, the armor itself possesses a rudimentary consciousness, and will sometimes act on its own. In the worst cases, the armors can exhibit the otherworldly tendencies of transcendent manifestations, and many organizations refuse to put them in units with other people. The Sleipnir features powerful legs, reinforced arm musculature for lift assistance, and a remarkably durable hide for its sheer maneuverability. Its aggressive metabolism is a risk to its wearer, though. Sliepnirs have been  known to almost vindictively damage their hosts when self-repairing without Vitae.”