The Core:Extended Combat Addendum

This 2 page .pdf alters the combat rules used for HSD. It is included in the Core:Extended book and is available for free right here. All HSD players should download this, as it applies to all future publications.

CE combat addendum


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 The Combat Index, a player-built guide to quickly referencing combat rules:

NOTE: Page numbers are according to the page _shown_ on the PDF I have. PDF pages are the listed number + 1. This index was assembled before the C:E combat addendum; some information may no longer be accurate.


Equipement List:
-Equipment Section p132
-General Gear List p.133
–SAM p.143
-Weapons p.146
–Ammo p.148
–Range Weapons p.149
—Ranged Weapons Table p.151
–Melee Weapons p.154
—Melee Weapons Table p.156
–Mods p.157
-Armor p.158
–EM Suites p.160
–Armor Table p.161
-General Surgery p.204
–Augmentation p.204
–Hard Skin p.205

-Sneak p.113
-Display Blanket p.137
-EM Cloak p.138
-Scatterline Unit p.142
-Stealth EM Suite p.160
-O&R Recon Suit p.163
-Sneaking in combat p.182
-Reclaimed Olfactory p.208
-Reclaimed Auditory p.208
-Reclaimed Pack Mentality p.209
-Reclaimed Night Vision p.210
-Reclaimed Optics p.210
-Reclaimed Acuity p.210
-Reclaimed Taste p.211
-Reclaimed Pheromones p.213
-TII Transcendence Implant: Ethereal p.224
–TTI Poltergeist p.164

Things that may affect cover:
-Atypical Patterning p.88, Lateral p.92, Micop p.93, and Macro p.206 morphisms.
—Note:Taurs and/or Macro (not Lateral) are larger then 1 hex in size. p.95 & 206
—For Atypical Patterning See Also: Maximum Momentum p.190 & New Look p.206.
–Scatterline Unit p.142
—Armor accepting inheriting or accepting Stealth Suite upgrade (p. 160):
—-Mars Co Hard Case p.160
—-MC-850-LEADARM p.162
—-O&R Recon p.163
—-TTI Nightbird p.163
-Shields p.165
–Pangolin armor p.161
–Shields in Combat p.192
-SAM p.187
-See personal scale commands p.193
-Defensive actions p.180
–Maximum cover p.191

Combat Applicable Surgery:
-Macro p.206
-New Look p.206
-Vitae Ports p.207
-Reclaimed Pack Mentality p.209
-Reclaimed p.210

Combat Medicine:
-Healing p.196
-Taking Damage p.196
–Surviving The Big One p.197
-Medicine p.109
-Cleanse p.135
-Pactchkit p.140
-PERK p.142
–Things accepting or inheriting a Support EM Suite p.160
—Mars Co Hard Case p.160
—MC-1001-Pangolin p. 161
—MC-850-LEADARM p.162
—RRH Vest p.163
—TTI Ronin p.164
-Puff p.142
–Stems p.144
-Vitae Charge p.145
–Vitae Demons p.247
-Grappling:Lift/Drag p.188
-Support Actions p.195
-Reclaimed Antiseptic Saliva p.208
–TTI Ronin p.164
-Repair p.233
-General Surgery p.204

Exhaustion p.228

-Backpack volume(s) p.135
-Carry Capacity p.229
-Grappling:Lift/Drag p.188
-Zero-G p.229
–Athletics Proficiency p.105
–Fly Proficiency p.108
–Vacuum p.231
-Falling p.230
–Reclaimed Happy Landing p.210

-Maximum Momentum p. 190
-Shields in Combat p. 192
-Parrying attacks p.192
-Threat Response p.192
-Personal Scale Commands p.193
–Locked In Melee p.188
—Shooting into Melee p.184
—Shooting while in Melee p.184
–Extra swings p.187
–Grappling p.188
–Reclaimed Venom p.212
–Two Weapon Fighting p. 188
–Shooting a Single Shot p.184
–Guns Akimbo p.185
–Can’t Miss p.185
–Shooting At Cover p.191
–Checking your range p.183
—Inaccurate p.147
—Scope p.158
—-H-101 Long Arm p.152
-Grenades p.186
–Types p.152
—Ghostgel p.138
–Launcher p.152
–Dodging a grenade p.187
–SAM p.187
-Surviving The Big One p.197
-Summary Executions p.197
–Fly Proficiency p.108
–Jumping p.181
–Combat Flying p.181
–Hard Landings p.182
—Reclaimed Happy Landing p.210
-Relent p.198
-Ambush p.200
–Reclaimed Pack Mentality p.209
–Reclaimed Night Vision p.210
-Reclaimed Reflexes p.210
-Reclaimed Optics p.210
-Reclaimed Skunk Musk p.213
-Reclaimed Tenacity p.213

Transcendent Implants p.218
-Translocation p.220
-Excitation p.221
-Dislocation p.221
-Manifestation p.222
–Transcendent Manifestations p.249
-Redirection p.223
-Nullification p.223
–General Surgery p.204
-Ethereal p.224
–TTI Poltergeist p.164

-Science Proficiency p.112
-Supporting Actions p.195
-Disarming Traps p.234

Hack p.234

Hired Help p.237